Chamber’s Professional Service

Ажурирано 13.10.2012. године

The Chamber's Professional Service performs the professional, administrative and support tasks of the Chamber and its.

The head of the Professional Service  is Chamber’s Secretary.

The Professional Service is organised by sectors as organisational forms, namely:

  1. the Sector of Healthcare Economics, and 
  2. the Sector for General Affairs.

And by the Chamber’s Professional Service Department in Novi Sad.

The organisation and work of the Professional Service are organised and carried out in a single work process in order to provide expertise, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, timeliness and professionalism in the performance of duties from the service’s scope

In carrying out its duties, the Professional Service cooperates with professional services of the Chamber’s members, Ministry of Health, Republic Health Insurance fund and professional services of other bodies and organisations, unions, etc.

The organisation and work of the Professional Service, as well as the tasks from its sphere of competence are as set forth in the Chamber’s Articles of Association, Management Board’s Decision on the Organisation and Work of Chamber’s Professional Service and Rule Book on the Classification of Jobs in the Chamber’s Professional Service.

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