Chamber’s Secretary

Ажурирано 20.06.2017. године

The Chamber’s Secretary is responsible for the legality of the work of the Chamber and its Professional Service. He represents the Chamber with regard to property and other legal affairs, organises, manages and controls the performing of professional affairs in the Chamber and takes measures to improve those affairs, proposes the Chamber’s Financial Plan and order the implementation of the Chamber’s Financial Plan. He is responsible for the Chamber’s financial operations and for the implementation of the Labour Law with regard to the employees of the Chamber’s Professional Service. The Secretary passes the Rule Book on Job Classification of the Chamber’s Professional Service, signs collective agreement in line with the law and performs other tasks defined by the law,  Chamber’s Articles of Association and general acts of the Chamber.

The Secretary is accountable to the Chamber’s Management Board and the Assembly’s Chairperson.

The Secretary of the Chamber is Snežana Rašić Đorđević, graduate economist.

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